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Weight of Life

Many methods have been used to record or memorize the time in a person’s life. Some people capture their lives in writing, and others in photographs. Changes in height, in voice and traces of precious things, all of these are recorded and used to show the history of life. Designer Wonseok Jung was inspired instead by the meaning of body weight, and how this could indeed record human life. His project The Weight of Life consists of three tools in total–a weighing tool, a tool to record weight, and a tool to store it. For the Age of Man exhibit, Jung will show the first of these three tools, titled ‘The Chair - weighing chair.' The chair is designed to measure the user's weight through a beautiful mechanical and electronic body scale installed inside of it. The chair will therefore subtly track changes in body weight, and record the flow of life. This blurring of boundaries between art, design, and engineering even, is the result of Jung’s interdisciplinary background as an artist, but also a robotics engineer.


Wonseok Jung



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