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Home Beautiful


Wool, Paper, Silicon, Ink, Dye



Referencing the dizzying, illusory domestic interiors of the 1970s, “Home Beautiful” plays upon this “more is more” aesthetic, blending and layering pattern, texture, scale, surface, and form. Typically divorced from their contexts, the historical versions of these interiors were curating capitalistic ideas around class and taste, making the profession of “decorating” an exclusive club that borrowed and stole from a multitude of sources.

The interior is rich with personal experience - nostalgia, intimacy, ritual. The patterning in “House Beautiful” is translated through multiple mediums, referencing the body, a topographical landscape, an interstellar image. Through hand craft and digital work, SUBSTUDIO opens the personal, private, domestic interior and examines it.


Immersive Installation

Home BeautifulSubstudio
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