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Joyful Glassware




Irina Flore

This series of objects were designed during the COVID19 isolation time. The glassware reflects the designer’s need to surround itself with more colorful materials, shapes but also to work with therapeutic methods which are bringing her joy in the design process.

While being isolated at home, drinking everyday from the same glass or eating from the same plate became monotonous and Irina felt the need to explore the shapes of these everyday objects she is surrounded by.

Irina enjoys very much playing with materials and to start working on something without planning on what the resulting object would be. This process is very different than her everyday design process, where she usually starts from an idea or when she knows what the final product has to be. In this case, she started playing with paper and made collages while imagining how her everyday objects should look like if she wants them to bring a little bit of joy into her home.

This drink-ware set is colorful, naive and it will decorate our tables while being also functional.

Joyful glassware collection is hand crafted by exceptional craftsmen in Istanbul, Turkey and it is intended to bring joy into our homes.


Handcrafted Glass

Joyful GlasswareIrina Flore
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