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Not Guys


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Annie Meyer

Notguys are hand carved through a slow and meditative process. Reflections on gender and sexuality take physical form in the resulting pieces. While the title states that the objects are not guys, these objects are not necessarily women either. Notguys refuse to participate in the binary culture in which they were born.

The binary is perpetuated in the visual world through the continued and tired celebration of the phallus in art and architecture. While some modes of art feminism push against our phallus-ridden world through feminine imagery and yonic form, this type of response reinforces the binary on which the heteropatriarchy relies.

Notguys are feminist but choose not to be feminine. They have sexuality but will not be sexualized. They have rolls and folds and comfort within that. Notguys’ bodies take on the ambiguous forms of gender liberation.


Walnut, Maple, Red Birch, Pine Wood

Not Guys Annie Meyer
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