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Stacking Through Stillness




Hayden Richer

Stacking Through Stillness focuses on my interest in the preservation of stark weight, mass, and their sculptural convergence into furniture. Emphasizing opposing ideas of gradual growth and weathering, my works often present a slow storyline along an almost tectonically scaled timeline -one of quiet, humble, and earnest growth. Methods of stacking convey the timeline of their build and development while being interrupted and imposed upon by their surface. With the surface application, many works display being frozen along their lifespan, as if being both self reflective and viewer reflective of the moment they have been noticed and encapsulated.

This oscillation between past and present is where I believe the works can speak to the notion of being in flux, both in terms of their physicality and the viewer's imprint on them.


Ceramic, Hydrocal, Brass

Stacking Through StillnessHayden Richer
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