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Plastic Vacation


Installation (Party Sculpture)


Simon Anton

Every year humans produce over 300 million pounds of new plastic. The smallest unit for the sale and shipment of this material is the gaylord, an apprx. 48” x 40” x 36” box, usually sitting on a pallet, that is used to ship this material. Within it’s long lifetime plastic can travel all over the world. Plastic Vacation is an installation exploring the relationship between the gigantic international plastics market and the objects of our domestic fantasies. At the center of the installation is a sand-art style recreations of an industrial plastic gaylord, filled with shredded plastic waste from a toy factory. Emerging from this colorful cube are domestic objects and sculptures made from the same material though with varying industrial and craft processes. Standing outside of the box is a mini-installation of a 16-candled green candelabra sitting atop pallet-esque blocks of compressed plastic material. This work was made in Detroit during the great summer quarantine of 2020.


Acrylic, Plywood, Plastic from Shredded Toys, Steel, Insulating Tape, Heated Wire, Melted Plastic

Plastic VacationSimon Anton
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