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Hello! We are Form&Seek

We create and curate uniquely crafted products and experiences. Each product we touch emerges from a powerful narrative and is fueled by an interest in human behaviour and human interaction with objects.


Let`s Collaborate!

We are true believers of the story behind the objects. Form&Seek design studio led by Bilge Nur Saltik focuses on newly developed processes and contemporary, globally local craft techniques. Emphasizing on craftsmanship, materials, and process our studio designs unique, functional and playful objects.


From the first collection we launched in 2013 to today, we continue collaborating with brands, designing products, manufacturing, do material and manufacturing research, creative direction, and design consultancy.  


You can check out our previous collaboration with brands here !


Contact Us! We'd love to chat. Let's make it happen.


Meet The Team


Bilge Nur Saltik

Creative Director


Didem Erdem



Derin Gurgun



February 2014

We have decided to become a collective but we needed an original name. After long discussions, we decided on the name Form&Seek. Jule Waibel and Rive Roshan designed our logo.

October 2013​

We started with 9 friends from RCA. After graduation, we gathered an exhibition at Istanbul Design Week called `No Borders`.

We decided to start curating shows under a theme. `Under One Roof` exhibition focused on showing our work in an interior concept.

September 2014

Form&Seek became a limited company led by the 3 co-founders Bilge Nur Saltik, Golnar Roshan and Ruben de la Rive Box.

October 2015
April 2016

Form&Seek curated a show called SEEK with 25 designers from all around the world. SEEK exhibition was located in the heart of Ventura Lambrate during Design Week. We received 3000 visitors a day!

April 2014

We exhibited first time in Milan Design Week.  with the name Form&Seek. We have invited more friends to exhibit with us.

April 2015

We loved designing and curating so we decided to grow the Form&Seek network.


Form&Seek curated a show called FORM for Milan Design Week 2015 at Ventura Lambrate where Form&Seekers showed new products with crafted materials and innovative processes. We were in a beautiful courtyard and loved the window!

September 2015

We wanted to create a platform for Form&Seekers to be able to show and sell. We opened the first pop-up shop at Design Junction.

April 2017

 Collaborated with Earth Issue for the Form&Seek edition!

September 2016

Form&Seek pop-up store opened at BOXPARK!

September 2016

Form&Seek`s London Design Fair Exhibition was a success!

September 2017

We launched our first collection at the London Design Fair 2017!

ZETTELER_London Design Fair_DutchStuff_I
April 2017

Form&Seek`s biggest curated show ever was Age Of Man at Milan Design Week 2017. We host 30 designers in 110 sqm!

October 2017

Form&Seek Collection in the FRAME shop at Bijenkor!

September 2017

We got featured in ICON Magazine! YAY!

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.44.53 PM.png
September 2017

Form&Seek is on Kickstarter!

October 2018

Form&Seek has a new lead!

Our co-founder Bilge Nur Saltik became the Chief Creative Officer of the Form&Seek design studio and collective.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.45.29 PM.png
September 2018

Form&Seek curated a show part of London Design Festival 2018!


November 2018

Form&Seek is 5 years old!

April 2019

Tactile Matter Exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019

September 2019

Substance Exhibition by Form&Seek for Detroit Month of Design


and we are still going!

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