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Product Design, Packaging





Dot series is a container collection designed by Bilge Nur Saltık for Uniqka. To emphasize the natural beauty of leather, the designer concentrated on its opacity character. Leather as a material like our skin observant but not pervious. Observing this quality Nur designed a playful pattern that has peepholes to see what is inside. A little pee ka boo.

Dot combines vegetable tanned leather with glass cylinders to create support. The geometric pattern on the rounded body leads us to focus on the diffusion of light. The idea is combining two different characters of glass and leather, assigning them a role in between.

Celebrating the beauty of leather as a living material the tanned color leather changes and evolves over time and by its surroundings. Dot can be used as a vase for plants as well as a storage for pens, tools and more.

Uniqka additionally tasked our team to create packaging for the product collection.

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