The Ainsley Puzzle designed to add some playfulness to your self-care routine. It offers you the opportunity to listen to your own voice anywhere, either with the community or alone. The box is small enough to pack them with you whether it is a fun night with friends or vacation. It is made out of recycled paper and does not require sealing when it’s completed. It can be moved when it grabbed from a single corner since they are tacked together. When you have completed the puzzle you have a beautiful artwork to hang. (or you can pack it back to solve it again later on, up tp you!) Before the puzzles leave the factory, they are pressed sealed in a bag so you won’t have any missing pieces. It is designed with playful graphics and made out of high quality, a thick paper with soft-touch. Everything included in the package is recyclable. Designed by Soyut Studio. Soyut Studio is a design studio that gives people a new perspective. They create abstract objects for people to spend quality and entertaining time with the artistic aspect.The products they design, are free to be shaped and explained according to the one’s own mind. Their starting point is to move away from the usual busy work and slow down life. The most basic thing they aim for is to be able to drive people away from the routine they are in and to be a means to reset them.

Ainsley Puzzle

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