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The Extraordinary Objects

The Extraordinary objects are results of research work on form and function while questioning our relationship and interaction with everyday objects.
These results are not ordinary shapes, but they are ordinary through their function, and they have to be understood before being used.

Each collection is sculptural and has a different material and fabrication method. The designer explored various techniques and materials, from handcrafted glass to laser cutting metal and 3D printed ceramics. Irina intends to make the visitors curious while inviting them to analyze, question, and interact with these sculptures differently and try to understand their functions.

Magazine Rack (2 different designs) - Metal
Approximately dimensions: 28” x 26”

Candle holders (3 different designs) - 3D printed ceramic
Approximately dimensions: 7” x 3”

Glass sculpture plate (1 sculpture) - handmade glass vessel

Glass and 3D printed storage container (2 sculptures) 7” x 3”


Irina Flore


Glass, Ceramic

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