The Phare collection comprises of a chromed aluminum pill-shaped reflector, (also available in Brass) which has been extruded and inserted on to a polished stainless steel base. The matte white tapered shade sits over the reflector, held in place due to the marginal tolerance allowances to create a seamless and minimal aesthetic.
The lamp appears void of any light source, the vertical pill-shaped opening implies the location for a bulb, although absent. Once illuminated, the LED strip light that is set into the CNC manufactured base emits an acute light stream, that reaches the opening and disperses. The white shade reflects and diffuses the light source creating an indirect luminosity.
The Phare Collection creates a distinctive light source for a desk or bedside table, that when illuminated reflects onto the ceiling creating an ambient impression.

Designer: Sylvian De Bellis

Material: Metal, Glass

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