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copyright Form&Seek 2019

Damian fopp exhibits a rocking chair, an accompanying side table and a pendant light. this trio represents an a abstract residential situation, on which his views on design are demonstrated.


The chair and the side table are simple in their construction, made up of only flat wooden boards, slotted together and held in place with industrial rubber rings. This simplicity in construction is continued in the use of a clear formal language which is a result of a set of rules: the shapes are rectangular and if not, every curve needs to serve a purpose. following these few rules results in a very logical but striking and characterful design.

The observer might catch influences from well known masters like gerrit rietveld (1888-1964, NL) and poul kjærholm (1929-1980, DK) to more obscure designers like jacob müller (1905-1998, CH). The idea of design as an ongoing conversation, handed from generation to generation, is essential to Damian's practice, a result of his past work at the museum für gestaltung zürich and not to be mistaken as a postmodern reshuffling. 


As the furniture so does the pendant light very much tell a story of clarity. it’s made from a square of sheet metal, four bends and a circular hole for the bulb. the white glossy powder coating allows for subtle reflections and shadows. The efficient production allows it to be swiss made and still reasonably priced.

Designer: Damian Foop

Material: Wood