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Multidisplinary Design Studio





London Design Festival

Form & Seek set up a pop-up concept shop where all exhibited items were available for immediate purchase at London Design Festival. The show featured items created through experimental processes, utilizing unique materials, and produced in limited quantities.
"Our goal with this show was to make our designs accessible to everyone."

Designers: Begüm Cana Özgür, Bilge Nur Saltik, Rive Roshan, Jane Kim, Victoria Ledig, Sabrina Kraus Lopez, Beatrice Larkin, Alei Verspoor, Lina Patsiou, Pia Wüstenberg, Jule Waibel, Alissa Volchkova, Alicja Patanowska , Megan Collins, Proof of Guilt, Clara Lux, Ahryun Lee, Smith Matthias, Proof of Guilt, Kirsi Enkovaara

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