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Multidisplinary Design Studio

London Design Festival 2016





Form&Seek curates a new show at London Design Fair where designers respond to the theme of “De-construct/Re-construct”.
The common thread that binds the work together is an innovative use of materials and processes which form these unique objects.
Form & Seek is a dynamic collective of creatives from around the world creating experimental and thought-provoking work. We are interested in both the functional and poetic appeal of design who believe that objects have the power to communicate meaningful messages and new ways of looking at the world. By placing our work within the familiar framework of everyday life, we aim to innovate and provoke discussion.

Designers: Malgorzata Mozolewska, Bilge Nur Saltik, Maor Aharon, Micaella Pedros, Alissa Volchkova, Rive Roshan, Studio Ilio, Jessica Smarsch, Birgit Severin, Alei Verspoor, Ahryun Lee, DAY Studio, Begüm Cana Özgür, Jane Kim, Chloe Frost, Sarah Colson, Elinor Portnoy

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