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Multidisplinary Design Studio

London Design Festival 2018





Form&Seek brings together fresh, vibrant talents during London Design Festival 2018 based on the theme of “Seek”. Our curated collection includes original and innovative crafted designs that will be shown at the London Design Fair 2018.
For this exhibition from modern life objects to crafted details, Form&Seekers are seeking new forms and functions. Form&Seekers focuses on the innovative use of materials and processes which form these unique objects.
Our new collection expands on a wide range of crafted products from conventional products prototyped with new technologies, to products that play with natural formations and uses of material. Each thought-provoking, poetic design object has a strong character and personality that displays the personal mark of the maker.

Curator: Bilge Nur Saltik
Organizational Team: Meriç Yazgin, Bilge Nur Saltik
Designers: Ekin Kayis, Tim Walker, Kawther Alsaffar, Zhekai Zheng, Caroline Venet, Herston, Rezzan Hasoglu, Laurent Peacock, Bilge Nur Saltik, Rive Roshan, Natalia Triantafylli

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