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Multidisplinary Design Studio

Under One Roof





The show 'Under One Roof' by Form&Seek showcases a fictional curated living environment made up of objects designed by members of the collective.
Within design exhibits we often see design objects exhibited on a clean empty surface, a very different context to how these objects are used in our homes. We wish to show that as designers we design objects for people to use within their own lives and personal spaces.
By placing the different objects together in a curated scene, the exhibition aims to show the objects in an environment that feels natural for viewers and gives context to otherwise solitary objects.
Under one roof - we are placing designed objects in one space to showcase their presence and interaction in a normal life setting. Each designed object has its own story to tell and all these stories come together to create a world.

Designers: Cindy Strobach, Rive Roshan, Bilge Nur Saltik, Kirsi Enkovaara, Iona Inglesby, Michiel Poelmann, Joe Buttigieg, Kollektive Plus Zwie, Jule Waibel

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