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Ann Arbor Alleyway Project - Sunset A2

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Ann Arbor



Form&Seek is a design studio that creates and curates uniquely crafted products. Each product we touch emerges from a powerful narrative fueled by an interest in human behavior and interaction with objects. We are true believers of the story behind the objects. Form&Seek design studio focuses on newly developed processes, and contemporary, global, and local craft techniques. Emphasizing craftsmanship, materials, and process our studio designs unique, functional and playful objects.

The Sunset installation focuses on bringing light and attraction to unused alleyways of Ann Arbor. The sequential structure floats multi-colored fabrics in different saturations to depict the sunset. Each unit will connect with steel wires to the sidewalls and create a lightweight structure for the hanging fabric. It is a fresh, whimsical, and appealing installation that fits Ann Arbor’s fun spirit.

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