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Keep it Glassy 2 Exhibition



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The Shanghai Museum of Glass kicked off its 2015 year program with the second edition of design exhibition Keep it Glassy. Keep it Glassy, a concept developed and co-curated by COORDINATION ASIA, focuses on glass design. It brings international talent to Shanghai and explores the many ways in which glass inspires designers.

Keep it Glassy 2 zoomed in on how designers express their vision for the future, using the versatile material of glass. The intriguing stories and smart strategies that were presented in this exhibition showed how designers made use of glass specific traits to shape their ideas for a better tomorrow. In the exhibition, four rooms highlighted four different perspectives that could be taken when envisioning the future, through glass.

The exhibition was showcased in the design space of the Shanghai Museum of Glass, and featured established names such as Nendo, Studio Formafantasma and Dominic Wilcox, as well as new talents such as Ingrid Hulskamp and Bilge Nur Saltik.

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