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UNDO Labs, based in Istanbul, stands as an innovative design studio reshaping our relationship with man-made products. Form&Seek has taken on the challenge of designing the core product collection for UNDO Labs, with a focus on undoing the environmental impact of our daily activities. The inaugural product, UNDO Laces, addresses the carbon footprint of the shoe industry and is set to debut at New York Design Week 2015, specifically at Design Junction.

Crafted by Form&Seek, UNDO Laces not only champions a global cause but also introduces functional innovation to a seemingly simple product—the shoelace. The unique design features two UNDO laces effortlessly catching and locking with a subtle twist, simplifying the process of replacing laces. After connecting two laces, swapping the old one for a new one becomes a seamless task.

Following the design of the product collection, Form&Seek undertook the responsibility of shaping the brand identity and packaging for UNDO Shoelaces. The goal was to establish a unified and impactful visual identity that resonates with UNDO Labs' values and effectively communicates the distinct features of the UNDO Shoelaces collection.

In summary, UNDO Labs, in collaboration with Form&Seek, brings forth not only an environmentally conscious product in UNDO Laces but also a testament to functional and innovative design. The broader design efforts extend to create a cohesive brand identity for UNDO Shoelaces, reflecting the ethos of UNDO Labs and highlighting the unique qualities of their product collection.

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