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V&S Bigger Than Your Plate



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Victoria&Albert Museum



Form&Seek was invited to showcase Share.Food collection in FOOD: Bigger Than The Plate Exhibition Victoria & Albert Museum. FOOD: Bigger than the Plate falls at a pivotal time where food and our relationship to it are topics of increasing global interest and debate. It features over 70 contemporary projects, new commissions and creative collaborations by artists and designers who are working with chefs, farmers, scientists and local communities. Taking a fresh, experimental and often provocative perspective, these projects will present alternative food futures, from gastronomic experiments to creative interventions in farming, with several exhibits physically growing in the gallery space. They will sit alongside 30 objects from the V&A collections – including influential early food adverts, illustrations and ceramics – providing historical context to the contemporary exhibits.

‘Share.Food’ is an award-winning ceramic tableware series designed by Bilge Nur Saltik, thinking through the dining etiquette of the 21st century. Nur is focusing on the best manner of sharing food. Plates and cups designed to give the user the option of opening their plates to others. With the angled cups and plates it is a balancing game around a dining table. Nur`s aim is to encourage people to share their food. Open your plate to others to initiate conversation.

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