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Inside Landscapes

Cecilé Bichon`s work is built around a "primitive" vision of the world, a way of looking at things by disregarding our rational knowledge in order to view each piece as if it were the first time and ask the fundamental question: "what is it?".
She creates objects by letting the slip flow, solidify freely to evolve in enigmatic shapes, lunar concretions, and half-stone half-flesh.
She then looks at these objects with wonder as if these works were a complete stranger who had been self-generated without any human touch being involved at any point.
Just as the effort must disappear behind the dancer's movements to evoke emotion, she aims to erase the hand behind the object so each can come alive with its own presence.
Everyone is free to confront these evocative shapes to develop a simple hypotheses to complex mythologies.

I make every piece without throwing, modeling or slip casting. Furthermore, I barely touch each piece until they are completely dry.
I let the material flow in relative freedom in order to achieve the most natural shapes as possible.
The process also requires the development of specific recipes including various ingredients which modify the mechanical properties of the clay to retract smoothly without any cracks and achieve an overall homogeneous drying.
The liquid consistency allows me to pour it on a paper mache frame which determines the general shape of the object. The frame is either then removed or burned during firing.
I obtain varied shapes with this simple method depending of the density of the clay and overall application. Each new piece represents a singular response of clay as well as a "proposed making process" scenario.
Since my encounter with ceramics, I explore the endless possibilities whilst trying to push the limits a little further each time.

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